Cosmetology Course Description

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Cosmetology Course – SOC 39-5012

Milady’s Standard Cosmetology Hardcover Textbook: 978-28576941-7 $117.95
Milady’s Standard Cosmetology Paper Back Textbook:978-28576943   $112.95
Milady’s Standard Cosmetology Theory Workbook:  978-1285769455   $50.95
Milady’s Standard Cosmetology Practical Workbook: 978-1285769479 $50.95

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Total Hours:
Tuition (including Registration Fee & Material Fee):
Day Course Length Options:
10 month+16 days
Night Course:
63 Weeks

Course Description : Students learn basic cosmetology skills as set by the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology. Students train to become a licensed cosmetologist including haircutting, coloring, perming, and styling as well as manicuring, pedicuring, and facials. In addition, students learn retail cosmetic sales, salon development and practice those skills in a model salon/lab setting.

Including a registration fee of $150.00, kit, and materials of $1600.00. If additional instruction is required after the contacted course length period, it may be provided at a cost of $15.00 per hour. Cash pay students are required to pay a minimum $1,800.00 down payment. All students are required to make a monthly payment which is determined by financial aid director.

Requirement for Enrollment : The College will admit as regular students, high school graduates and holders of high school graduation equivalency certificate and approved by the MS Board of Cosmetology, and a $35.00 non-refundable application fee.