Facilities & Equipment

The College is operated as an educational institution and maintains the appearance of a college.

We have an official designated administrative office, freshman theory classroom and clinic areas. Areas are provided for a library and guidance counseling. The College provides an adequate supply of authoritative and instructional materials as well as training aids needed in teaching each course offered in the overall college program. Students are furnished a lounge and a station.

Chris’ Beauty College occupies an area of approximately 6,700 square feet of space, which is used solely for the training of students. Our facilities are: three separate classrooms equipped with desks, chalkboards, audio visual equipment, a library for research with professional books and videos relating to the fields of Cosmetology, Manicuring and Instructor Training.

The clinic floor area consists of fifty-four (54) stations, twelve (12) hair dryers, a cosmetology shampoo area with six (6) shampoo bowls, a dispensary, three (3) restrooms, waiting lobby, stockroom, lunchroom, student lounge, three (3) offices and two (2) facial rooms. The manicure room has seven (7) stations.