Instructor Course Description

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Instructor Course SOC-25-1194
Milady’s Master Educator: Student Course Book ISBN 9781133693697 $161.95
Milady’s Master Educator: Exam Review ISBN 9781133776598 $49.95

Total Hours:
Tuition (including Registration Fee & Material Fee):

Course Length Option:

42 Weeks-24 hours per week

27 Weeks-37.5 hours per week


Course Description:The cosmetology instructor-training course is designed to prepare the licensed cosmetologist to instruct cosmetology students in both the theoretical and practical aspects of cosmetology. The instructor student will learn how to plan lessons, motivate students, execute successful teaching techniques, assess student progress, counsel and advise students, and maintain accurate student records. Upon completion of the course, the instructor student will be prepared to work in a cosmetology school or training center as a cosmetology instructor.

Total cost includes a registration fee of $100.00, materials of $750.00 for 750 hour course. If additional instruction is required after the 1000 hours it may be provided at a cost of $15.00 per hour. Cash pay students are required to pay a minimum of $2000.00 down payment.

Requirements for Enrollment: The College will admit as regular students, high school graduates and holders of high school graduation equivalency certificates approved by the MS State Board of Cosmetology. Chris’ Beauty College does not accept ability-to-benefit students. The applicant must be no less than 21 years of age and have 6 semester hours of college courses approved by the board.

Graduation Requirements: Students must successfully complete the course of training in which they enrolled. Students must also maintain a grade average of 85% and successfully complete with a grade average of 85% any written or practical examinations. Tuition, books, materials and any additional instructional charges owed the College by the student must be paid in full, or arrangements for payment made with the Director in order to complete. Upon graduation, a certificate is awarded certifying that the student has completed the course of study and training from Chris’ Beauty College.

MS State License Requirements: 

The following is required by the State of Mississippi:

  • Two forms of CURRENT signature bearing identification. ONE MUST BE a government issued photo ID.
  • Two passport photos with white background.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Be able to read, write, and speak English.
  • Have successfully completed a course of training for which application for licensure is being made.



Employment Statistics

Salary will depend upon expertise and amount of formal education. Many cosmetology related companies now require their educators to hold instructor licenses. Olease see 2014 National and State Median Income and State and National Trends for Instructor located on page 37. You can access this information on by inputting SOC 25-1194.


Instructor Curriculum – 1000 Hours

As required by the State Board of Cosmetology: Hours

The Professional Teacher: 223

The Teacher

Preparation for Teaching

Student Motivation and Learning: 132

Laws of Governing Learning Process

Student Motivation

Student Participation

Student Participation

Student Personalities

Individual Differences

Methods, Managements and Materials: 436

Methods, Procedures and Techniques of Teaching

Classroom Management

Teaching Materials

Testing and Evaluation: 90

Cosmetology Law, Rules and Regulation: 13

Observation: 106

Total Hours: 1000

Methods to be used for instruction include lecture, demonstration, and overhead projection of materials, video, and activities that require student participation, discussion and review.

Instructor Course (1000) Hour) – Programs Objectives

Students completing this program should:

  • Know the importance of lesson plans as well as how to develop them.
  • Know how to utilize audiovisual aids to enhance lesson plan objectives.
  • Know the importance of setting a professional example for his/her students.
  • Be aware of student rights.
  • Know the responsibilities of the Teacher.
  • Be able to develop and follow a curriculum.
  • Be able to utilize a variety of teaching methods.


Examples of Occupations

  • Instructor
  • Platform Artist
  • Lecturer
  • Manufacturer’s Representative
  • Manufacturer’s Educator
  • Cosmetology College Owner


Grading Policy

Theory Work Grading Scale

100-95: Excellent

94-85: Good

84-75: Unsatisfactory

Below 75: Failing


Practical and Laboratory Work Grading Scale

100-95: Excellent

94-85: Good

84-75: Unsatisfactory

Below 75: Failing


Chris’ Beauty College does not offer courses on a pass/fail basis.

Written evaluations are distributed to students, signed by the students and returned to Instructor for filing into student’s file. Student receives a copy of each evaluation for his/her records.

The U.S. Department of Labor provides current (2016) job information at This website includes information by job position to include state and national wages, occupation profiles/descriptions, state & national trends, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for each position. As reported by the U.S. Dept of Labor, state & national median wages for Instructor related positions are as follows.